Neck Pain, Numbness and Tingling, Overall Wellness Improvement:

Wow, where do I begin?  I’m Brenda and my husband is Mike and about a year ago I started seeing Dr. Callaway for various complaints of low back pain, knee pain, shoulder and wrist pain, low energy and tightness in the chest due to asthma like conditions.  I thought all of these complaints were due to just getting older.  When I visited Dr. Callaway, he explained that with the right approach, the body can improve function and improve the health of the joints so that I would have less pain. OK, I figured I would give it a try, I had suffered this long and I figured I had nothing to lose.  I can say that Dr. Callaway’s analysis and adjustments are different than adjustments that I had experienced from other chiropractors in the past.  Dr. Callaway’s focuses on finding the reason behind the pain and uses a process he calls “Applied Kinesiology and functional neurology”.  Now, I can say based on the past year of care that he knows what he is talking about and the results have been phenomenal.  When I started about a year ago, I noticed almost immediately that I could breathe better and the aches and pain began to diminish with improvements after each visit and today I am mostly complaint free.  Now, I only need an occasional visit for an adjustment and monitors and adjusts the supplements that I need to maintain my health. 

My husband Mike was a little skeptical in the beginning.  He suffered from numbness and tingling in both hands and fingers and chronic low back pain which were due to disc problems in the neck and low back.  His pain kept him from getting out and doing things like working around the house and in the garden.  However, after he saw how well I was doing under Dr. Callaway’s care, he agreed to allow Dr. Callaway to take a look at his complaint and see if he could help with his pain.  Dr. Callaway did his thorough analysis on Mike like he had done for me and came up with a treatment program for Mike.  Now, Mike no longer has any numbness or tingling in his hands and no longer complains of neck pain or low back pain like he did in the past.  Now Mike can get out and work in the garden and the yard with little or no complaints. 

Of course, during the past year each time we had an appointment, Dr. Callaway would do a nutritional scan on Mike and I with a machine he calls a bioscanner that locates stressed areas.  He then discusses how the choices we make about or diet and lifestyle determine our health.  He says a healthy nervous system depends on being interference free and that when we have a healthy diet and supplementation that provides the nutrients that the body needs, it will heal.  Also, Dr. Callaway discussed avoiding certain foods and ingredients that are toxic to our health.  So, we are working on eliminating gluten and MSG and artificial sweeteners from our diet.  Yes, we had to throw out some things because they contained some of these unhealthy ingredients.  Once we made the change to a more conscious healthy eating lifestyle we began to realize how much it really matters.  Now, I have lost some weight, I breathe better, feel calmer and have a better more positive outlook and enjoy life. 

Thanks Dr. Callaway for all your help!

Mike & Brenda                  December 2013


Condition:   Family Wellness

Dr. Callaway is our family Health Guru – to call him simply a chiropractor and a doctor would largely understate his knowledge and skills. He is a True Holistic health professional, who puts emphasis on the interconnectivity of “things” within and without and their impact on our Wellbeing.

Dr. Callaway is our Wellness Achiever, who educates us about the importance of combining proper nutritional supplementation with chiropractic adjustments and the science of energy flow, based on applied kinesiology.

We have had a vast trial and error experience with other health practitioners, and are happy to have found The One who truly cares about our health and wellbeing.  Dr. Callaway diagnoses each of us at every visit, and provides customized care for each of our ailments-du-jour.  By addressing issues with had (such as back and extremity pain; hormonal, or bacterial imbalance), he has given us many a reason to sigh: “Ah, I feel so much better now!”.

Dr. Dale, as our 2 kids refer to him, is much appreciated and loved by our entire family - the kids hop on the adjusting table with excitement and speak of wanting to see him when they get hurt. With pain gone, motion ability regained, and physical and emotional balance achieved, we trust Dr. Callaway unconditionally and are truly blessed to have him as our sole health expert.

The Nazons,                       June 6th2013


Condition: Headaches and Upper Back Pain

In the short time that I’ve been under Dr Callaway’s care, I have seen a marked improvement in my health.  Initially, I came to Dr Callaway for headaches and upper back pain that affected my daily routine as well as sleeping habits.  Just after the first adjustment, I was able to sleep through the entire night and felt great overall!  My resting heart rate has always been high, usually around 120 bpm, but just after a few visits,  it is down to 84 bpm!  Dr. Callaway’s focus is on a person’s health as a whole, rather than just fixing immediate symptoms.  I really appreciate the time he takes to explain underlying problems to ailments.  He goes out of his way to not only help you feel better, but to also educate you in ways to maintain long term health.  I believe Dr. Callaway genuinely cares about his patients' health.

Kimberly  M.,                May 24, 2013


Conditions:   Headaches & Back Pain

We were interested in the practice of Kinesiology for chiropractic treatment and were referred by an existing patient to Dr. Callaway in 2012.  Our initial consultation was comprehensive and informative. The full examination performed by Dr. Callaway included x-rays, Zytos computer scanning, which is an analysis for determining what dietary supplements, herbs and homeopathic products might be beneficial.

My husband needed treatment for headaches and lower back pain.  After three months of chiropractic treatment and dietary supplements, he no longer experiences pain or discomfort.

I was seeking treatment for curvature of the neck, spine and hip area.  This pain has been with me for several years.  Within four months of chiropractic treatment, I was amazed how much better I felt physically as well as emotionally.  The nutritional supplements prescribed have improved my overall health and also has increased my energy level. 

Thank you Dr. Callaway for improving our health and physical fitness.

B & J Hudgens                                                        Date: Feb, 2013


Conditions:     Shoulder Pain, Arthritis Pain  


Dr. Callaway has helped me greatly! 

Just a note to keep in touch.  Again, thank you for all the adjustments to help resolve my left shoulder pain due to the surgery for the rotator to remove some bone spurs.  After the surgery, it was painful to move my shoulder and arm.  The osteoarthritis isn’t as painful since you adjusted my shoulder, neck, back and my lower ribs.  All the things you have done to relieve the arthritis pain has helped greatly. 

You will always be in my prayers.

Sincerely, Jenelle C.,   Retired RN, age 66                 Date: March 21, 2012


Condition:     Upper Back Pain   

Dr. Callaway has gone above and beyond to help me in my healing journey.

When I first came to see him, I was suffering intensely.  A couple of weeks before I visited, I fell from several feet in the air and knocked ribs and vertebrae out of place.  The pain was persistent and I could no longer lie down to sleep.  My back and shoulder ached constantly and pain ran down my arm and into my hand.  It was hard for me to take care of basic daily needs like preparing meals, resting, driving to work, and working.  Dr. Callaway was thorough and attendant to my needs.  He understood what it was like to be in pain and to need help and relief.  He patiently worked with me to discover the source of my suffering.  He truly listened to me and responded to my input, and I felt that he respected my opinion.  He was a wellspring of information and ideas, and I felt confident in both his understanding of the human body and how it works and his infinite capacity to understand problems and find solutions. 

We worked together and through several weeks he carefully adjusted me back to wellness.  Now I am free of pain and back to full function.  Without Dr. Callaway, I'm certain I would have ended up on the operating table.  The ability of chiropractic to truly help seems almost magical to me.  It is a gentle, respectful, and holistic approach to wellness, and Dr. Callaway embodies this. 

Do yourself a favor -- choose chiropractic, and choose Lakeside Chiropractic Wellness Center.  I'm glad I did. 

Sara C.                  March 6, 2012


Condition:  Headaches and Vertigo    

In April 2011, I sustained a head injury which caused me to suffer from severe headaches and vertigo.  It was difficult for me to take care of life’s basic daily needs like taking care of myself, driving to work, focusing on work.  Resting was almost impossible due to the constant headaches and nothing seemed to help.  That’s when I decided to visit Dr. Callaway and see if chiropractic could help with my condition.  I felt that Dr. Callaway respected my opinion about my condition as he listened to my story and patiently worked with me to discover the source of my suffering.  After treatment from Doctor Callaway, my headaches began to resolve and the vertigo diminished. 

After following Doctor Callaway’s specialized care plan, my headaches and vertigo have been completely resolved. 

Chiropractic gave me my life back after what seem like an eternity of suffering due to the ongoing headaches and vertigo.  Dr. Callaway is compassionate and caring and I am appreciative to his attention to detail and the resulting care that gave me my life back!   Once again, Thank You Dr. Callaway! 

I highly recommend Lakeside Chiropractic and Dr. Callaway’s specialized approach to chiropractic care.  

G. C.                   February, 2012