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Is Your Diet Enough?

Posted: October 30, 2013
By: Dr Dale Callaway

Is Your Diet Enough?

Whether you usually eat the SAD (Standard American Diet) . . . or you don’t let anything past your lips that’s not organic, free-range, vegetarian-fed or wild-caught . . . or if your diet is somewhere in-between . . . chances are good that your body would benefit from nutritional supplements.

Even if you’re extremely vigilant about the food you eat, there could still be gaps in your diet.

A lot of our produce is grown in nutrient and mineral depleted soil and sometimes it’s then shipped hundreds and even thousands of miles before we consume it.

And even when you’re extremely careful and normally eat extremely nutritious food, there’s that unusual occasion when you don’t have much of a choice about what you eat . . . or you don’t really know what’s in the meal you’re eating.

It all adds up to a potential need for on-going nutritional supplementation.

But what’s missing in your diet? And how do you figure it out?

That’s where a ZYTO scan can help. A ZYTO scan uses biocommunication to “ask” your body where it has stress and what it needs.

The ZYTO scan is health-related technology that creates a non-invasive communication link between a computer and your body. All you do is rest your hand on top of the ZYTO cradle. The computer then sends stimuli that, in essence, asks your body questions, and your body’s responses are interpreted and recorded.

So instead of guessing what’s missing in your diet, you can have a ZYTO scan and find out EXACTLY what your body needs to make up for any nutritional gaps.

Learn more about ZYTO technology here:  http://zyto.com/biologicalpref.html

Contact us today and set up a ZYTO scan so you can start your journey to ultimate health!